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Welcome to Tune ON AIR!


We are a group of ambitious people from all around the world located in Mauritius, Dubai, Hungary, Lebanon, Malta and Malaysia, dedicated to bringing you & your friends the best in electronic dance music. Our showcase consists not just of the biggest DJs around the world, but we are very proud to have our own resident hosts as well, all of whom have their own style and something unique to bring to the turntable.


Although our main focus is on trance, we do not believe that good music is defined by BPM or genre. We happily welcome & play every song that makes us smile and feel good. This is what drives us and makes us such a great team - even though we are located at several different places on the planet.


As we defeated the boundaries of simple borders & oceans, we are also dedicated to making our shows available on the widest range of platforms. Besides the web-based player & stream, we also have our own dedicated iPhone & Android app, and you can even listen to us on iTunes Radio as well!

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